Corinne DiMartino (Principal)

Mrs. DiMartino is the Memorial Middle School Principal.

Leon Samuels (Assistant Principal)

Mr. Samuels is the Memorial Middle School Assistant Principal.

Mohammad Saadeh (Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Assessment)

As the Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Assessment, Mr. Saadeh is dedicated to creating a positive learning environment that foster individuality, common sense, critical thinking and success. Mr. Saadeh understands the importance of exposing students to different career paths, philosophies, ideologies and governments so students can completely understand their place in a modern global society. To achieve this end, Mr. Saadeh continues to work closely with the Elmwood Park community, staff and administration.

Michael Wartel (Director of Public Safety and Operations)

Mr. Michael Wartel is the Elmwood Park School District's Director of Public Safety and Operations.